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Sitting on the lap of Makalu
Overview Overviewing one of the best trekking packages for a suitable time for trekking in Nepal is crucial to ensuring an enjoyable and long-lasting trekking experience. Below, we provide recommendations to choose the best trekking package along with tailored trekking packages to suit your preferences and budget around the Makalu Region of Nepal 1. Package...
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Michael with children
In this post, I will try to address why I chose MAST as the company to organize my Makalu Base Camp Trek experience and what you should expect before you get to Nepal. I had been wanting to visit Nepal for many years and figured it was a trip worthy of my 40th birthday. It...
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A volunteer program at a school
On the 9th of February, I arrived at Tumlingtar airport in the east of Nepal. I had to take a taxi for one hour to drive up through the Himalayan foothills to reach Kadhbari which is where the orphanage is situated. I am living with Mr. Tejananath Pokeral and his lovely wife Tulasa in their...
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Roger Ray
My Makalu Base Camp Trek report  is prepared for Tejanath Pokharel and for the use of MSTS. The intent is to provide information about the lodging facilities available along the route from Khandbari to Makalu Base Camp (MBC). This information can hopefully be of some benefit to MSTS in designing and organizing treks for independent...
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Dunja a volunteer from Slovenia
I spent 15 of my wonderful fifteen days volunteering here at Khandbari orphanage working with 9 incredibly nice children. They really need a volunteer here who could live with them and help the cook-mother who takes care of them. I would like to encourage you to apply for the job and I will try to...
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