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English Nepali Guide

English Nepali Guide”

The guide is a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to learn or improve their knowledge of the Nepali language. This guide offers a variety of tools and resources, including lessons on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and common phrases. Whether you are a traveler, student, or language enthusiast, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to communicate effectively in Nepali. With its user-friendly approach and practical examples, the “English Nepali Guide” is the perfect companion for anyone looking to master this fascinating and rich language.

1Hi! / GreetingsNamaste18See You AgainFeri Bhetaula
2Thank youDhanyabad19How long?Kati Tada ?
3My name isMero Naam20Good NightSubha Ratri
4Your name?Tapai ko Naam?21Good morningSuva Pravath
5I’m fineMalai Sanchai cha22How much?Kati Ho
6How are youTapailai Kasto Cha?23Pardon/Excuse me?Maaf Garnus
7Let’s goJum24GoodRamro
8YesHo25How much is this?Yo Kati Ho?
9NoHoina26TastyMitho Cha
10Hot WaterTato Pani27Cold WaterChiso Pani
11Up hillUkalo Bato28Meatmasu
12Down hillOralo Bato29TeaChiya
13It rainsPani parchha30No SugarChini Na halnu hos.
14UmbrellaChhata31Black teaKalo Chiya
15Where is the hotelHtel Kaha Chha32Milk teaDhut Chiya
16How much does it costKati paisa33 Elder sisterDidi
17ExpensivMahago chha34Younger sisterBaini

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