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What Makes Makalu Arun Valley Trekking Packages Unique?

What Makes Makalu Arun Valley Trekking Packages Unique?

Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST), is a government-registered and licensed nonprofit distributing social trekking locally established in Khandbari of Sankhuwasabha District of Nepali 2010. Since its establishment, the agency has been one of the leading social trekking organizers around Makalu, Arun Valley, and The Barun Valley area of Nepal. At the company, we offer unique economically, environmentally as well as socio-culturally friendly trekking packages that set us apart from the other commercial trekking companies established in Kathmandu. Here I am going to describe how our company is different from other commercial trekking companies in Nepal.

1. Sustainable Trekking Practices

Makalu Base Camp trek in the Spring

   At Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST) we give priority to sustainability. Our trekking packages are designed by considering eco-friendly traveling practices, such as:

  • Leave No Trace Behind: Our every effort is to ensure our trekkers leave no waste materials behind them to ensure the preservation of the pristine natural environment.
  • The use of Reusable Supplies: We inspire our visitors to use reusable water bottles eco-friendly hiking equipment and many others to decrease waste all through the hiking route.
  • Environmental Awareness: we teach our guests the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable travel practices.

2.     Support for Local Communities

Clothes distribution to deaf and mute kids at a school

We are committed to making a positive impact on the local communities through the use of travel businesses. Our trekking packages include:

  •  Local Employment: We hire porter guides from the local community so  that our business can create jobs  there
  • Teahouse trekking: We organize a lightweight hassle-free teahouse trek. Our guests stay overnight at local teahouses, homestays, local lodges, or Camps where no tea house area is available there.
  • Nonprofit distributing trekking company but pays Tax. Although we are a legal profit distributing trekking company we pay all kinds tax to the government.
  • Fair Wages:  In our agency we ensure that all our field staff are paid fair daily salary and work under safe conditions.
  • Community Projects:  We are happy to tell you that a big portion of our company profit goes towards community development projects, such as schools, healthcare facilities, infrastructure improvement etc. This is our mission to support the local community.

3. Cultural Immersion

Kulung Rai people enjoying their culture Dance

 Trekking with us offers a deep cultural immersion experience. The Makalu Arun Valley is rich in the cultural heritage of Rais Sherpas and Hindus. Our social trekking packages include opportunities to:

  • Engage with Locals:  We provide opportunities to interact with local villagers, learn about their traditions, and participate in cultural activities.
  • Visit Historical Sites: Explore ancient monasteries, temples, and different cultural landmarks.
  • Experience Local Festivals: Plan your trek around local festivals to witness traditional celebrations and ceremonies.

4. Personalized, Authentic Experiences

One of our from the USA guests enjoying Makalu Base Camp Trek

 We know that every trekker has a unique interest. We design travel packages to address to your individual preferences and interests. Our personalized approach includes:

  • Customized Itineraries: We offer bendy itineraries that may be tailored to your physical fitness stage, interests, and time barriers.
  • Small Group Sizes: To make certain an extra intimate and genuine revel in, we keep our organization sizes small (1-6 folks) in a set.
  • Local Cuisine: Enjoy delicious, locally prepared meals (Dal Bhat, Nepali food) that give you a true taste of the region.

5. Expert Local Guides

Two local porter guides for two guests for Makalu Trek

We employ a well-experienced porter guide from the local community. He plays the role of a porter as well as a guide. He is satisfied to carry your 15-20 kg bags and lead your trek successfully.

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Our nearby guides have an intimate understanding of the area’s geography, flowers, fauna, and cultural history.
  • Safety First: Your protection is our top priority. Since your guide is from the local community, he has enough knowledge to ensure your safe trekking experience.

6. Scenic and Diverse Trails

Stone Paved Makalu Trekking Route

 Makalu, Arun Valley, Barun Valley areas of Nepal offer the most scenic and diverse trekking trails in Nepal. Our traveling packages include routes that take you through:

  •  Dense Forests: Trek through dense forests filled with rhododendrons, bamboo, and snd other tall trees
  • Alpine Meadows: Experience the beauty of excessive-altitude meadows adorned with wildflowers.
  • Mountain Passes: Cross-hard excessive mountain passes that offer breathtaking perspectives of the Himalayas.
    Serene Valleys: Explore tranquil valleys dotted with conventional villages and terraced fields.

At Makalu Arun Social Trek, we are committed to providing a unique trekking experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Makau Arun Social Trek (MAST) has been established and is committed to promoting or organizing sustainable trekking busies in Nepal. We support local communities, cultural immersion, and personalized travel experiences. A local well experienced dedicated porter guide and diverse hiking trails make our Makalu Arun Valley trekking program packages truly unique. Choose any one of the trekking routes, Contact us for customization as per your requirement. And enjoy hiking with us and make positive impact on the environment and the local community.

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