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How Nepal Makalu Arun Valley Trekking Supports the Local Communities

How Nepal Makalu Arun Valley Trekking Supports the Local Communities

Trekking with Makalu Arun Social Trek ( MAST) around Makalu Arun Valley Area of Nepal will not only be a memorable journey lifetime but also it will be possible to make a significant impact on the local communities.

At MAST, we believe in a sustainable tourism business that benefits the government,  travelers, and the local population. Here’s how your Hiking journey supports the local community people and their culture of the Makalu Arun Valley area

1. Economic Opportunities

Two guests with two local porter guides preparing for Makalu Base Camp Trek
Two guests with two local porter guides preparing for Makalu Base Camp Trek

When you trek with us you contribute to the local communities  in several ways:

1.1 Employment:
  • Hiring porter guides from the local community provides jobs and income for many families. These jobs are essential for reducing unemployment and poverty.
1.2 Local Businesses:
  • Your spending on accommodation, food, and services directly benefits local businesses, including tea houses, guest guesthouses, and shops. These earnings help to sustain these tourism businesses and encourage the development of new companies..

2. Community Support Projects

Makalu Arun Valley Trekking supports the local communities
Food material distribution program to old aged people .
  • Since we are a nonprofit distributing trekking company, a portion of the income from our hiking programs is reinvested into a community support program. These programs help to improve the quality of life for nearby citizens. Some of the initiatives include :  

2.1 Education:

  • Funding for schools, scholarships, and educational materials helps provide better learning opportunities for children in the valley.

2.2 Healthcare:

  • Investments in healthcare facilities and medical supplies improve access to essential health services for local residents.

3. Cultural Preservation

Local hospitality  to guests
Local hospitality to guests
  • Trekking in the Makalu Arun Valley Area offers a completely unique cultural experience. By traveling through nearby communities, trekkers assist in preserving the cultural heritage of the area. This interaction has several benefits:

3.1 Cultural Exchange:

  • Trekkers learn about local traditions, customs, and lifestyles, fostering mutual respect and understanding. This cultural trade helps preserve and promote the wealthy heritage of the Makalu Arun Valley Area of Nepal.

3.2.Traditional Crafts:

  • Purchasing local crafts and products, such as handmade textiles and traditional artifacts, supports local artisans and keeps traditional crafts alive.

4. Environmental Conservation

  • Sustainable traveling practices play an important role in environmental conservation. By selecting eco-friendly trekking alternatives, you help conserve the herbal beauty of the Makalu Arun Valley. Here’s how:

4.1 Leave No Trace:

  • Our trekking packages emphasize the importance of leaving no waste behind and minimizing environmental impact. This exercise helps preserve the pristine environment for future generations.

4.2.Tree planting Project

  • Reforestation projects help restore natural habitats and combat deforestation in the region.

5. Empowerment of Local Communities

A guest 's visit to a local school
A guest ‘s visit to a local school
  • Empowering local communities is an essential aspect of our challenge. Through various initiatives, we goal to construct the ability and resilience of neighborhood residents:

5.1 Training and Education:

  • Providing training and education for local guides and staff enhances their skills and knowledge, enabling them to offer better services and improve their livelihoods.

52. Women’s Empowerment:

  • Supporting initiatives that promote gender equality and empower women in the community contributes to social development and economic growth.


We come to the conclusion that trekking within the Makalu Arun Valley Area is simply more than a journey; it’s an opportunity to help and uplift the local community. By choosing Makalu Arun Social Trek, you make contributions to sustainable tourism practices that benefit each tourist and the human beings of the valley. Your journey helps to create a fantastic impact, fostering financial increase, cultural renovation, and environmental conservation.

Ready to embark on a Trekking adventure that makes a difference Contact us to start planning your Makalu Arun Valley Trek today!

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