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Volunteering Opportunity

Volunteering Opportunity

As part of the Social Trekking Program by Makalu Arun Social Trek, we extend an invitation to engage in meaningful volunteering opportunities with our organization.

Stationery Distribution to a school children
Stationery Distribution to a school children

If you are willing to dedicate a day to volunteering, whether it’s exploring the local market or supporting local businesses by purchasing their products, we are thrilled to tailor a program for your day of giving back.

Curious about what volunteering entails? Here are some examples:

  • Volunteering at a local school
  • Assisting at a nearby health post
  • Contributing to a local NGO project

Immerse yourself in a volunteering experience at any local project of your choice at the conclusion of your trek.

Through volunteering, we encourage you to visit a school, meet teachers, and connect with students. Share insights on managing waste at the school by sponsoring a dustbin and guiding students on proper waste disposal. Consider distributing stationery to bring joy to the young learners.

Moreover, you can contribute teaching materials such as globes or world maps to the school, engaging with teachers on effective usage.

Extend your impact by visiting a local hospital or health post, and donating medical instruments and medicines. Your generosity will be a tremendous support to the local community.

Embark on a journey not only through breathtaking landscapes but also by making a positive impact on the communities you encounter. Let your adventure leave a lasting legacy.

Best regards, 

Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST)



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